Stromboli island

Stromboli: lighthouse of the Mediterranean sea

Stromboli is an active volcano. Its eruptions occur at an average frequency of about one every half an 'hour. It is possible to see the explosions directly from the sea with boat trips to the Sciara del Fuoco, a steep and large wall of volcanic sand where most of the eruptive products are poured: large incandescent rocks rolling downhill, creating dense and spectacular plumes of steam when entering in contact with the blue sea of Stromboli. The view is even more impressive at night when the dark red lava stands out glowing. The main town of Stromboli, with the districts of Scari, S. Vincent, Ficogrande and PiscitĂ , is located in NE while the small village of Ginostra, that can only be reached by sea, is on the SW side. Strombolicchio rises One kilometer from 'the island and it represents what remains of the' ancient volcanic cone of Stromboli; it is now a natural reservation of extreme interest.

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